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Techcellene Server and Network Administration Support
Keep your Network equipment, Software & Services functioning 24/7!

Offering a full service for your networking requirements Techcellence focuses on giving clients the right advice, making sure they an't paying for unnecessary updates or replacing peripherals when they don’t have to.

Pretty much every business, large or small, has an IT network, whether you have one computer in your business or a hundred at several office locations, Techcellence can provide the support you need to run your business.

Your business relies upon the data stored in the IT system. Your Server/s are like the heart of your business as they manage the traffic, allow access to important files, documents, and all the data of your business. Even a small problem in this system can seriously put a halt on your workflow.

Server & Network Managed by Techcellence
Keep your business running smoothly with a Techcellence Managed Network.

As trusted IT advisors in the Albury, Wodonga Region, Techcellence provide a complete resolution for every type of network, we keep our clients updated regarding the latest technologies with solutions that provide fully secure access to the network of your company.

We provide remote access and Virtual Private Networks (VPN’s) for employees that work away from the office or from home. Providing the best solution to fill your needs our anti-virus applications and hardware solutions will help protect your company network, if you are facing issues with your internet connectivity, our technicians will help to resolve that too. 

With both remote or on-site tech support to ensure any issues are resolved quickly and to your satisfaction, you can always rely on Techcellence when it comes to server and network support for your business. 

Network Services
  • Remote monitoring of network devices 24×7
  • Notification of outages
  • Remote administration of network equipment
  • Wireless support and management
  • VPN user administration
  • Monitoring of ISP connections and client router/firewall availability
  • Notification and resolution of network outages during after hours
  • Onsite support
  • After hours support
  • Firewall rule changes
  • Firewall
  • Protection from virus
  • Intrusion Detection and Protection
  • Information Security Management
  • Plus much more....
VPN Monitoring Services
Virtual Private Network (VPN's) are essential for employees who work remotely, from a different location outside of the main office. It connects different offices in different geographic locations into one network for safe and quick data exchange. Techcellence provides services for high-quality VPN monitoring to create a reliable, well-managed network.
Advantages VPN Monitoring Services
  • Smooth Network operation.
  • Strong encryption and therefore high-security level for data exchange due to strong
  • Protects from outside attacks and inner collisions.
  • Efficient resource distribution and consumption inside the network.
  • Instant solution of issues.
  • Timely software updates.
Server & Network Managed by Techcellence
With increasing remote connectivity and cloud infrastructure reliance, a comprehensive network management program is imperative for most companies.

Total Round-the-Clock Performance Monitoring & Security Management.

Techcellence specialists provide an individual monitoring approach, depending upon the equipment used. Based on the performed analysis our specialists are capable of resolving any network issue quickly. As a result of which our customer gets the following things; 

  • Utmost network stability.
  • Better quality of operation.
  • Full control over network resource
  • Minimised downtime risks.
  • High-level data security.
If you already have a VPN established, we can handle the maintenance and monitoring of your network. We no we can help you, our company has the potential to deliver proactive Managed IT services that prevent intrusion, infection, and downtimes. 


Our team are available for your service, when you need us. You will get total round-the-clock performance monitoring and security management. With increasing remote connectivity and cloud infrastructure reliance, a comprehensive network management program is imperative for most companies.

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